About us

The perfect match between innovation and timber tradition!
Resuwood® is founded by the family van Hoorebeke, active in wood import for 8 generations, in collaboration with 3RT Technology.

Our mission

We contribute to preserving the planet by providing engineered sustainable wood solutions, in support of the global climate challenges. Our working method allows us to optimize the use of wood resources exponentially.

Our vision

With an innovative and sustainable mindset, we are revolutionizing the wood industry.
The many advantages of our reliable products enable us to assist without compromise, creating endless possibilities for our customers and partners.

Our strategy

We establish long-term partnerships with other innovative organizations to develop and create sustainable products with respect for nature and the planet.


Our History

Timber Tradition: van Hoorebeke Timber was founded in 1740 as a brewery. The first proven activity of trading construction materials goes back to 1770. In 1842, they already innovated by importing their first vessel of timber from Riga. The start of importing timber from all over the world with a worldwide customer portfolio. Later on, van Hoorebeke Timber will become one of the market leaders in Siberian Larch. The first contact with 3RT in 2019 was the start of a promising collaboration, allowing us to become a pioneer in sustainable timber technology.


Designed to help the Australian government, 3RT is founded in 2015 by Peter Torreele and dr. Prof. David Lewis, and stands for “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle”. Together with their solid partnership with Henkel Adhesives, Bosch Technologies and the technical Flinders University, they own a patented wood-based solution supporting durability, transforming abundantly available juvenile plantation resources originally used for low-value woodchips and repurposing them to create high-value timber.


  • First contact with 3RT
  • Validation technology, product & market
  • Startup Resuwood
  • Sourcing, production & market development of 3RT in Europe
  • Start production & Distribution

2015 – 2023

3RT technologie
  • Focus on enhancing properties wood in
    a circular mindset
  • Partners: Bosch, Henkel, Flinders University
  • Solution found, tested and marketed
  • Capital raises with a.o. Henkel venture capital
  • Ready for the future: Ambitious R&D roadmap
  • Peter Torreele, former CEO world economic forum


Pierre-Emmanuel van Hoorebeke (1973)
  • Upscaling Siberian larch
  • Innovation in logistic capabilities and reach
  • Development strategic location at Kluizendok (foto)
  • Ready for the future with market and product innovations


Franz van Hoorebeke (1936)
  • Growth & focus on logistics possibilities


Paul van Hoorebeke (1903-1986)


Emmanuel (1840-1919)
& Franz (1878-1936) van Hoorebeke
  • Activities on hold during World War I


Franz van Hoorebeke (1837-1875)
  • Foundation of van Hoorebeke Frères
  • Change company name to van Hoorebeke en zoon


Emmanuel-Jean (1782-1856)
& Angelus (1821-1892) van Hoorebeke
  • Establishment of a sawmill at Langerbrugge


Jacobus (1745-1809)
& Jan-Jozef van Hoorebeke
  • Start trading building materials at Langerbrugge
  • First import of sawn timber by sea vessel from Riga


Ambrosius van Hoorebeke (1709-1756)
  • Founder brewery

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