The RESUwood®

We revolutionise the wood industry

Product performances

Resuwood® enhances the product performances and characteristics of harder wood and allows us to embed new possibilities. It’s a substitute for traditional resources like tropical wood, concrete, aluminium and steel.

Mechanical properties

With a strength exceeding natural (hard)wood, Resuwood® boasts excellent mechanical properties.

Linear output

Creating a consistent raw material both in size and quality, supporting our partners with maximal linearity and predictability in their (industrial) production and sales process.

Visual appearance

Resuwood® has a beautiful appearance and is just as easy to work with as natural wood.

Product applications

Resuwood® is a versatile wood with an unlimited array of product options.

Partnerships and collaborations

Our focus is to contribute to the success of innovative organizations to further understand their markets and to further develop unique products supported by our R&D.


Processable on existing industrial machines.

Product benefits

Appearance grade

Predictable properties, no defects

Reliable supply

A 1-day fully automated production process

High structural rating

Hardwood properties in juvenile wood

Solid hardwood

Handles, machines and finishes like normal timber

Straight as a pencil

Great dimensional stability


Multiple applications

Bespoke sizes

Customizable block dimensions

Naturally beautiful

Using natural veneers

Safe & recyclable

Non-toxic, no formaldehyde, non-harmful


Made from juvenile wood (PEFC/FSC certified)

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